“My warmest thanks to you for helping put God’s Holy Words into the hands of blind children and adults. As Jesus said, when we give to others less fortunate, it is the same as giving to Him. You can rejoice knowing your gifts are helping to bring “the Light” to those who live in physical darkness!”
Craig Leads, Bible Braille International

Business & Community Resources

As a part of our new vision to follow the clear movements of God, MBS has partnered with several local and national ministries to provide resources to help individuals and churches live out God’s Word in the workplace. The last decade has witnessed a resurgence of the Biblical
idea that secular vocations are indeed ministry. Despite modern Christian thinking, there should be no distinction. Christians can impact the marketplace by fulfilling their calling.

At MBS, we have collected some of the best resources available to guide businesses in the areas of management, stewardship, financial accountability, relationship development, strategic planning, and many other critical elements of business. We are prepared share the wisdom of trusted partners and to join with local churches to transform culture, one business at a time.

img_trade_showRESOURCES INCLUDE:

For a list of partners and a description of their ministries, click here.