For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
~Matthew 6:21


What is your treasure? That is, from what or whom do you derive the greatest pleasure and satisfaction? What are you living for, and what are your goals? Treasure come in many forms- for some, it might be money. For others, a house or a car or some other possession. For many, a certain relationship- a spouse, a parent, a child, a friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend- may be a treasure. Now, it is good for us to have treasures- people and places and dreams that we love. The danger comes when our treasures (plural), become our Treasure… when the things that we love become idols become our source of fulfillment and become idols by taking the rightful place of God in our life.

God wants to be our greatest Treasure. He wants us to find our fulfillment and greatest pleasure in knowing and pursuing Him. When we look beyond the momentary happiness that this world offers and into the arms of our Savior for everything our souls are looking for, only then will we be truly and finally satisfied. God is everything that we are looking for, the end fulfillment of all the desires of our hearts. He is more good, more glorious, more beautiful than anything we can comprehend, and He wants us to love Him and take joy in knowing Him. Is He your treasure?


Jesus, Be my treasure and great reward. I want You to be my all in all and everything, the reason I live and the source of all my happiness. You are greater than anything I can understand or imagine. I want to see Your glory and be drawn deep into Your heart. I love You, God. I want to know You more.


Matthew 6:19-24
Philippians 3:7-14


“Pray, and let God worry.” ~Martin Luther

This post is written by Brendan Beale, author of Cross Connections